Lillian Daniel​
​                                    when "spiritual but not religious" is not enough...

​Booking and Speaking Requests

Lillian's schedule and personality prevent her from accepting too many speaking requests. 

Given that books take a really long time to write, Lillian limits her speaking to events where all participants receive a copy of When "Spiritual But Not Religious" Is Not Enough or one of her other books. All the best stuff is in the books.

Don't even ask: all-day retreats, after dinner speeches, bunk beds or talking to your "spiritual but not religious" cousin who was offended by my last post. 

But because she is currently busy procrastinating on a book deadline, she will make time to do just about anything else. So if you would like to invite Lillian to speak, preach, teach or consult, please contact Jim Chaffee at Chaffee Management (615) 300-9699 or make your request online. 

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